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  Architectural Theory
  Community & Housing Architecture
  Democratic Architecture
  Mosque & Islamic Architecture
  Malaysian Architecture



:: gambar awards :: (take photo!!)

Main Publication Award (Book), The Mosque as a Community Development Center, UTM, 1998

Publication Award (Second Place, Book), Peranan, Kurikulum dan Reka Bentuk Masjid…, UTM, 1999

Publication Award (Honorary Mention), The Traditional Mosques, UTM, 2000

Publication Award (Honorary Mention), Atrium Design for Tropics, UTM, 2000

Publication Award (Honorary Mention), Konsep Perbandaran Islam, UTM, 2 2001

Publication Award (Honorary Mention), Identiti Seni Bina Malaysia, UTM, 2001

Aga Khan Post Doctoral Fellowship in Islamic Architecture 2003, Massachussets Institute of Technology, USA

Mubbin Sheppard Memorial Prize 4th Cycle 2000/2001
Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia, Southern Chapter, 2nd August 2003 (Architectural Criticism)